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Multi-discipline photographer specialising in sports and events photography

Hi there, my name is Alistair Nitz. 

I am a wheelchair bound Canberra-based multi-discipline photographer. I have a particular interest in people photography, including the genres of  sports and street photography.  In addition, I provide  portrait services and event photography.

I took up photography after my rehabilitation specialist told me that I needed a new hobby.  I was just coming to the end of three months stint in hospital after a cycling accident which put me in a wheelchair.  With the prospect of never walking independently again I needed a new hobby.  

So here I am.  I am largely self taught, but have undertaken a number of on-line photography courses through Shaw Academy to increase my technical skills. 

I first took my camera gear down to oval where I took photographs of my son's football games and placing them on Facebook for everyone.  As my confidence and skill set grew I pushed myself to cover other sports. 

I have become intrigued by street photography. and documenting real people and their real experiences. 

More recently, I have been pushing my technical skills by becoming involved in abstract art side of photography. 

Keep in touch and follow my photographic journey.